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the only coffee made for afternoons

Less is more with .3coffee

A Little Bit About Us

.3 coffee fills the gap between an espresso and a decaf. We want to be the solution for you who love coffee but don't want to compromise health for coffee.

All the pros without the cons, no compromise.

Our Mission

.3coffee’s mission is to protect the health and sleep quality of coffee lovers for sustainable productivity

Our Story

2 years ago, I was working as a data analyst which means numbers and charts all day long. I had to stay awake for all the afternoon meetings AND the after-work gatherings with friends.

Surrendering to a coffee after 3, I noticed my sleep was getting worse and my mornings were tiring.

"Caffeine takes 5-10 hours to metabolise to half."

Then I thought, what's the in-between of a decaf and full coffee?

– Janice, .3coffee founder

Our Coffees

Our coffees are sourced by a local roaster straight from farmers.

This ensures the people who take care of our products are properly paid and the quality is up to standard.

Our decaf coffee is more flavourful because it is freshly roasted.

See for yourself!

Most importantly, we make sure our product and packaging are sustainable so we encourage you to reuse our beautifully-designed bamboo boxes.