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經典咖啡套裝 (9濾包)

經典咖啡套裝 (9濾包)

您對我們的經典咖啡系列感到好奇嗎?經典咖啡套裝有3種經典咖啡味道,讓你選出你最喜愛的味。享受每個下午。 ✓對比一般咖啡只有30%咖啡因 ✓味道依然香醇 套...

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Jeremie P. (Business Owner)

Finally a low-caffeine coffee that tastes good

I used to drink coffee for the taste but when I tried to cut down caffeine with a good decaf, I couldn't find any! .3coffee is a great transition for my low-caffeine lifestyle

Florence C.

Hong Kong SAR

In love with Fruity Brazil!

You can really taste the almond and yellow fruits from Fruity Brazil. It is not one of those simple 'fruity'. This one has depth and fullness to it. I love it because I can enjoy this good specialty coffee anytime of the day!

Abraham L.

Hong Kong

Caffeine On Point!

I am quite sensitve to caffeine but I work till 12 at an architectural consultant so it's a headache sometimes. .3coffee gives me the right boost without ruining my sleep.

Peggy C.

Hong Kong

Interesting Oriental Touch!

I love osmanthus in tea usually but I never imagined something so fragrant works with coffee. .3coffee nailed the taste.