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your safest boost for the afternoon

Coffee with no compromise

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30% caffeine, sleep protected

have you even had the struggle of picking between a nice coffee after lunch and a good night of sleep? 

No more compromise!

Our coffee is made for afternoons with 30% caffeine of a regular coffee! 

Drink light and sleep tight.

Meet the coffee

premium coffee, straight from farmers

Hell yeah! low caffeine doesn't mean it's bad!

Our local roaster source premium specialty beans directly from farmers. Baristas approve!

Our farmers are Edema Gelgelu from Ethiopia, Sir Hervaz from Brazil and more to come!

Taste it

it's coffee with (extra) benefits!

This is coffee made healthy with medicinal herbs, dried flowers and mushroom.

We've created 3 delicious blends with Osmanthus, Jujube and Cinnamon, traditionally used in Chinese medicine. Get the boost and health benefits with us!

Try the blends

and it's planet-friendly!

There is no PLANET B! We are striving for 100% plastic-free packaging with bamboo and PVA, water-soluble material. The outer bag dissolves within minutes in hot water.

Unique discount code for 10% off all refill products included in Bamboo Box Sets to encourage reuse.

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What our clients say about us

Alfred W, hong kong SAR

event manager

Taste like a good coffee

I'm not a coffee snob but I enjoy a specialty coffee. Fruity Brazil has a fruity and almondy flavour. My favourite of all.

Abraham L, Canada

engineering consultant

Caffeine on Point!

I easily work till midnight. This is the only coffee that doesn't mess with my sleep even I drink it at 6/7pm. Thank you .3coffee!

Ivy W, Hong Kong SAR

University Professor

Perfect for afternoon classes

As a professor, I need to stay clear-minded for the whole day. I'm also caffeine-sensitive so .3coffee is perfect to keep me running in the afternoon classes! I also love the osmanthus flavour as a tea-drinker.

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